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Who Are We? 

Aisling Group was founded by Melissa Norman, a HR Recruitment veteran in Malaysia and Benula Capital, a UK based investment firm with a track record of investments across HR Consulting, Technology and Assessment Companies in Europe and Asia. With the combined efforts of over 30 years of experience, Aisling is represented with knowledge, expertise and a deep understanding of the HR spectrum.

Our vast experience of growing and mature markets, Aisling applies a highly specialized approach which is inclusive of leading technology platforms and value-effective solutions that require less time and resource to plan, execute and deliver to our customers. We pride ourselves in being experts on matters of the workforce and passionate about value creation.

About Our Investor

Miles Hunt founded Benula Capital in October 2012. Miles is a highly experienced entrepreneur and investment manager specializing in the staffing and support services sectors. Miles Hunt trained as a solicitor before completing his MBA at Warwick Business School. In 1995 he established a procurement consultancy, ProSource Limited. Miles then set up an international specialist staffing business and was CEO until he stepped down in December 2011 to pursue new opportunities.
Since then Miles has been appointed as Chairman in many other firms and advises a number of companies operating in the business services arena including recruitment companies, training and HR services companies.

Melissa Norman is the Founder and Country Director of Aisling Group which comprises of Aisling Search & Selection, Aisling Consulting and Aisling People Development. With more than twenty-three (23) years of experience in the human resource industry, Melissa grew through the ranks within a multinational recruitment firm in Malaysia. Her primary responsibility being business growth and expansion within the Malaysian market whilst her expertise lead her across regional markets such as Singapore, India and Ireland.
Melissa was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award in 2011 by Asia Pac Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) and possess a Certification in EQi-2.0 as well as her MBA from Nottingham Trent University, UK.


Our Vision

To create valuable partnerships and make an impact in the world of work through people.

Our Values


We believe that in exercising care in everything we do and with every person we interact so that work becomes more meaningful.


We are persistent to succeed in every pursuit we undertake be it big or small, leaving a lasting impression of who we are.


We spend most of our waking moments at work or thinking about work, if there is a need to blend work with life then it ought to be fun enough to do so. It's proven that a happy and positive state can make a significant impact on motivation, productivity, and wellbeing.


We pride ourselves in being flexible, fluid and nimble in pursuit of what's best for every person we are privileged to interact with.


Doing the right thing is the cornerstone of who we are, we will not compromise on the importance of honesty, openness and fair treatment for every person that we work with.



We are Different

Work Culture

Our Culture evokes accountability and flexibility. We have on-boarded individuals that love their work and working with us, their dedicated passion translates to every customer they work with

Our Focus

We have a focused approach in our selection of our services and specialization, customers can trust that the team that works with them has valid insights towards their specialization.

What we believe

We believe in making a difference first, profits later. We have understood the cost of doing business locally and have optimized our processes so that our customers can benefit from the savings.

Local Expertise

We are boutique in nature with local expertise, our team of associates are experts in the labor market with a pulse on the local trends and posess foresight towards the talent supply chain within the market place.

What we Do?

There are so many organisations today that spend valuable time doing non-core activities which digress them from doing what they should be doing best, growing their business. We share these sentiments and we are certain since we love what we do, we undoubtedly know what to do in the forefront of finding and developing talent. We engage with our customers to know what makes employees successful with them and we set out on our path to finding them. And once they are found, we help ensure that they want to stay and grow.

Aisling Consulting provides expertise in the area of Recruitment Solutions for Flexible Workforce, Managed Services as well as HR Solutions.

Aisling Search and Selection provides a specialist search experience in the area of Recruitment Solutions tailored specifically for Search and Selection requirements as well as Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Recruitment Solutions

To enhance the talent pipeline, we focus on a variety of workforce and development options. We have summarized them below for best understanding to acquiring and retaining talent. Our commitment to all our partners is our personal engagement as well as a thorough step by step approach of hiring customized specifically for every customer we work with. Why? Because no one approach works every time specifically when time and money is of essence.

Flexible Workforce

Employment of talent for a pre-determined period has become more active today than ever due to the everchanging nature of the market and the volatility of the workforce in the market place. The new edge generation coupled with the dynamic market place has enforced a new breed of employment either as temporary, contract or as an independent contractor. It has become more accepting by the talent force as well as organisations as they engage a wider talent pool. We have a consistent approach in acquiring potential talent and conduct a series of qualifying steps prior to connecting them to our clients.

Search & Selection

Finding the best talent today is like finding a needle in a hay stack, beyond just finding a potential talent there is a two-way process to ensure that there is mutual interest in the role as well as the organization brand. We connect talents to our clients after a series of selection process designed to locate, engage and connect viable talents. We specialize in functions across Shared Services, Contact Centres, Financial Institutions, Engineering, IT & Telco, Healthcare & Pharma and O&G.


In a situation where organizations prefer to outsource processes for engaging flexible workforce via a central vendor approach which includes managing multiple suppliers by improving efficiencies and providing visibility of the flexible workforce program. In the pursuit of ensuring that organizations best manage their workforce pipeline, we will engineer the program and improve the process, so that better value can be achieved.


There is an increasing demand for consistent hiring of permanent talent either across a period of time or on a volume basis. This method of hiring is coupled with a thorough approach in talent supply chain management and acquistion. It captures the essence of analytics across sourcing channels as well as workforce demographics that is used to continuously revisits the best methods to build a talent pipeline, align hiring processes and build a database. We work with our clients on crafting a viable model that will logically work in favor of building their organsiation brand and optimize the process so that we are able to shorten the time span of presenting the best talent to our clients.

HR Solutions

At a time where multiple generations engage in the workforce together, there is much to say about generational diversity. There is no right or wrong nor is there good or bad, rather there is an opportunity to bring the best of all generations into an environmental situation that can help everyone discover and unleash their full potential. Work is no longer a place to just complete tasks, it's rather a playground for innovation and creativity. One that can help organisations thrive in a highly competitive business environment. And motivation is no longer just about compensation or benefits, no CEO would say that 'talent' is what keeps them up at night. Developing leaders with a sound understanding towards creating a constructive culture will enable organisations achieve optimum outcomes for their clients and their organisation. It provides people with the”fuel” that enables them to perform at their personal best.

It's important to note that whilst our methods and assessments may be similar, our course of development is solely designed fitting to the organisation. There is no cookie cutter approach in anything we implement as no one situation, environment or leader is the same.

Organization Culture Development

We studied the likes of successful organziations across a wide spectrum of industries, engaged many successful business leaders and have identified a simple yet thorough approach of qualifying the culture of 'what's important here' within organizations. We then cross reference them with different components within the organisation to validate action to outcome. Our findings would then lead us to nurture the elements that could help leaders in building winning teams. Research around supportive and non-supportive cultures indicate that organisations can optimize outcomes by developing a constructive culture, mindsets and behaviours amongst the leadership team. Sounds easy enough, until resistance come to play and trust the fact that resistance is show stopper and yet many organisations pay no attention to it! Sounds like fun, you bet. We love unrevealing the mysteries behind the cultural differences and how it can paralyse organizations.

Culture Team Building Workshops

Our team building sessions are engineered mainly on building or revitalising the organization culture in representation of “the way we do things around here”. Teams are challenged to look at how they fit into the organization and the culture that drives accountability and team cohesiveness. We thrive to ensure that every little element of our sessions build on the good that exists within the organization.

Leadership Development

The solution to leadership enhancement is to scrap training in favour of development. Leaders should be Coached, Mentored and Developed. Development strives to unleash the uniqueness of the individual by shattering the status quo. We have built our leadership development programs with experienced professionals across a variety of industries with rich work experiences, they actively participate in our professional development programs structured through experiential learning. This program is a two-way selection process, unless it has been demonstrated that the leader possess a fair degree of openness, trust and willingness the leader may not qualify to participate in the program.


Awareness is an important element in personal development, we believe that assessment help organizations and individuals build on their strengths whilst recognising their flaws. We recommend it for the benefit of knowing the individuals that organisations hire and ensuring that their strength is optimized. We believe in being transparent with individuals who have been assessed so that they recognise their capabilities and areas of improvements. We partner with experts in this field to ensure the objectives of assessments of our clients are met


Organization Culture Framework


Leadership that leads with inspiring purpose evokes life, confidence and creativity into the organization.


It's about being honest within the organization even if it means putting all the facts on the table, even when some of them are uncomfortable. Being able to remove barriers that hinder people from accessing the information they could allow them to be better at what they do.


An environment that encourages employee learning and development is critical for organizational success and healthy for employee contribution.


Open communication prevents barriers from forming among individuals within the organization that could impede progress in striving to reach a common purpose.


Celebrating the very small victories that everyone, who tries, achieves every day encourages success which ultimately creates positivity in the organization.


Empathy is the ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experience of others. Empathy is to understand and support others with compassion or sensitivity.

It's a 'Jungle' out there

The best way to get ahead in the race is to continue to resource and adapt to the ever changing nature of the workplace and the world of business. It is really a jungle out there and being equip is a pre-requisite for success. Our resource centre covers elements for our customers, candidates and even self development ideas. Enjoy the materials.

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