Resume Templates

Here are a number of free resume templates that we have developed to help you with the basic structure and format of your resume.

Functional Resume Template

Those who have had gaps in their employment,  who are changing careers or who have a long work history may wish to consider using a functional resume template format to better outline their skills and experience.

A functional resume format emphasises your skills and abilities,  or ‘functional areas’,  rather than chronological employment history and is especially useful when you are changing your career focus,  when you are returning to work after a break,  or when you want to highlight your skills and achievements from older jobs or from volunteer or extracurricular experience. The functional resume is all about relevance,  enabling you to focus on what is most important for a particular position,  so it should be tailored for each job application.

One-Page Career Summary Template

A one-page career summary can act as a useful marketing tool that can stand alone or can accompany a full resume providing more detailed information.

Reverse Chronological Resume Template

The reverse chronological resume is the most common and traditional type of resume. With this resume format,  you list your relevant work experience in reverse chronological order,  beginning with your most recent position and proceeding backwards.

For each job,  you provide dates,  location and the name of your employer,  and succinctly outline your key responsibilities and achievements. The advantage of using the reverse chronological format is that it helps to highlight your upward career progression and continuous work history.